About Heather, aka, the Practical Mystic

I do tarot and destiny cards readings so that you can find clarity in life and follow the path meant for you.

Originally from Canada, I came to Guatemala in the fall of 2019 for six weeks and never left. A shamanic journey a year and a half earlier guided me to Lake Atitlan, then to El Paredon, a small surftown. Tired of the rat race, I was quite pleased to find myself on a tropical beach and opened a smoothie bar.

A month later, the Covid lockdown happened and I remained at the beach, primarily because I met my twin flame and waited for his return as he was locked out of the country. I was at my peak when he left for a vacation and lived like never before. It has been a crazy rollercoaster ride that opened me up to spiritual gifts that I wasn’t aware that I had.

I discovered that I can transmute energy and raise the vibes. I discovered that I am a high priestess starseed lightworker. My intuition is totally off the hook. Kind of freaky to deal with all of this while also in a very powerful energetic connection with someone who also has powerful gifts. Even apart, we are working to heal ourselves and those around us, knowing that our energy is needed right here and now to help raise the vibes of the planet.

I have been practicing tarot since 1997 and destiny cards since 2008. Combined with my empathic and healing abilities, it is the most rewarding profession of my life. I am also certified in Spiritual Life Coaching and Psychic Development. Stay tuned for additional events and coaching packages.

Creative Living & Positive Change. The Soul Journey Specialist.

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